Monday, December 15, 2008

DJ Yll! - Champagne Mix

Its the beginning of the festive season the lights are on, the bubbles flowing, time to get your body moving to Yll!'s new mixtape. It rocks!!

DJ Yll! - Champagne

1. Etienne De Crécy - france
2. Phil Kieran - I Think I'm A Monster
3. Bassement Jaxx - Where's Your Head At? (Robbie Rivera Remix)
4. Black Holes - I'm A Beast
5. AC Slater - jack got Jacked
6. Dusty Kid - The Cat (Crookers Remix)
7. Brodinski - Amerika
8. Moby - I Love To Move In Here (Crookers Crack Mix)
9. AC Slater - Sound Of Tha Police
10. Hostage - Frequency
11. Proxy - Raven
12. Fakeblood - Mars (VNNR Remix)
13. Digitalism - Homezone (Proxy Remix)
14. AC Slater - Dominator
15. The Streets - Let's Push Things Forward (Hostage Remix)
16. Tiga - The Future Is Now (YLL!'s Edit) Buzzin ac slater

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Virgin Dolls

Fire - Remixes 1

The Virgin Dolls spammed us on Myspace and I spammed them back with another of my annoying questionnaires. There tunes are great and we hope to get them here in Antwerp soon, you can check out there latest release FIRE on iTunes, beatport etc etc etc.

We were just wondering how many people are in the band??

The Virgin Dolls (http://www. myspace. com/thevirgindolls) is the electro project of Phoenix Rev. A few years ago, he created his own underground universe, based on comics, where he organized many events, featuring a unique blend of exhibitions, screenings and music. Composer, dj, and script-writer, he works now in several projects through the Rainbow Mode's production structure and e-label.

How did it all start?

With the release of the debut album "Blow your Mind" and the "No Love" remixes, with the goal to intermix several influences and explore with energy the electro, breakbeat and industrial soundscapes…

How do you define the music you play?

Furious rhythms balanced by melodious parts for a quite original and powerful result !

How hard was it too find a label here in Belgium??

Rainbow Mode (http://www. rainbowmode. com) was developed by Phoenix Rev to avoid this kind of situation. It’s an independent e-label specifically created for emerging talents, and a music production team specialized in electronic music.
The goal is to cover all the colors of the electronic soundscape through specific quality projects.
The RM releases are available on iTunes (worldwide), Napster (USA), Rhapsody (USA), AmazonMP3 (USA), Sony Connect (USA), HMV Digital (UK) and other digital stores.
A real new electronic journey with a unique artists pool!

Who are your influences in life and in your music??

Prince, Depeche Mode, Front 242, NIN, Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, Underworld…

What was the last album you bought?

Front 242 “In Moments…”

Do you have Diamonds or Bling?

Don’t need that sh***. Music speaks by itself…

World fame, or artistic integrety?

Artistic integrity AND world famous (working on it).

What would you like MORE of?

More of you! Are you a virgin doll?

Do you play a lot of live gigs? would you be interested playing here in Antwerp at one of our party's??

The tracks are natural fit for the scene, combined with the synchronized animations of VJ Ackeron for a complete interactivity with the audience. Antwerp, we’re coming!

LOL he thinks Im a chick!!! Maybe because dudes arent supposed to spend there time on myspace. In my frantic search for a band for our next +MORE SOIR JEUDI i.e bumming around on Myspace, Ive ripped a bunch of stuff here are my favorite tunes so far;

The Virgin Dolls - Fire (Electric soulside Remix)

GEM - She said Oh Oh Oh I said Yeah Yeah Yeah
DJ Irie - The Champ is here

Friday, December 5, 2008

My hat.02

Another week has passed and once again I found more willing victims to wear my hat. I think that next week I'll go with unwilling victims, that sounds like much more fun, but not having found any this week I'll stick to people who actually like being harassed by me.
It's cool how many interesting and beautiful people there are, sometimes I forget. I used to love walking into town on a saterday afternoon and just watch the herds go by. There are always cool people who stick out in one way or another. Usually because of the way they dress or the loud stuff they do. I absolutely love that! Now my friend Jort says (yeah, the guy in the picture) that people who try to be different, just do it for the sake of being different, not because they are. Something to do with self esteem and needing lots of attention. Well, I don't care about the why of it. I just love the fact that people do crazy things and wear insane clothes. Because otherwise it would be a pretty boring place out there.
So I have great plans for this hat, world domination being the least one of those, and I'm starting with all the oddball people I can find.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Its bitterly cold, Im spaced out cos Ive been spending too much time in bed and my eyes are still bleeding from a seven hour meal!! I dont mind the walk but it be nice to know where Im going, Im a long way from home again but Antwerp pops up all around. The art meuseum makes me feel like Im in a Jaques Tati movie Marga Weimens, The first dutch person to graduate from Antwerp Fashion school, has an amazing DEBUT collection, and like many dutch things it seems very sexually stimulative. Spider like black dresses, WOW the room creating the image of a distant future where high society belles still have debut ball's in the , all we needed were the galantly dressed boys in skin tight white suits sipping foam dripping cocktails.

Gronigen is making me itch, DJ Irie too, soo much in fact that he has just to won the DMC Benelux title and is ranked number three in the world!! Wonder how he was inspired by the trees and the cows!

Funny how much stuff we found, Drum and Bass heads the world over have heard of NOSIA. They are inspired by lots of cows too!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Woohoo lots of music for you!! Here is Teddie Drums MP3, you can listen to it on there Myspace but you can only download it here!! They played for us at the +MORE SOIR JEUDI with there mash-up style of rock electro, and what a great live show with teddy bears being beat up live on stage, PSP's, Game-boys and a strange fisher price sampler. No wonder there heads are bigger than ET's they seem to have a very bright future!!

Smashed - Teddie Drum

Mighty J Moon
have changed there name and dropped Joe, I didnt even ask why! It seems a little slicker and so was there show on thursday, nice to see the improvement since they played alongside NRS at TRIX. There blend of indie/rock, reminds me of portishead, put it on too chill too when you wake up hung over, Enjoy!!

A kiss for a rose - Mighty J Moon
My fathers way - Mighty J Moon

I have a wicked track from Example that I stole of his myspace, seems like next year is going to be great for him, see Pete Tongs youtube show for more info.

WeCameWeSawWeKilledTheCrowd - Example

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Wohooo what a wicked party we had at Cafe Capital this thursday. Thankyou to everybody that was involved and all of you that could make it. It was wicked fun, shame it was the last Soir Jeudi hopefully we will be organising a new party soon!! Here is the video just to prove how much fun it was!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Best Hat in the Whole Wide World

A while back i remembered I still had some cool things stored away, so I went rummaging through the junk in my basement. I found lots of clothes dating from the nineties that should not have been worn by anybody..... ever, a towering heap of moldy Christmas decorations (could actually come in handy quite soon) and my grandfathers gardening hat. He used to wear it while doing all things gardeny, hence the aptly chosen name gardening hat. I had all but forgotten about the thing, but it is genuinely the coolest hat in the world, no, i dare say universe. It looks absolutely fabulous on anyone. Wear this hat and you obtain instant coolness. It works like a total babe magnet, sad to say, even on me. I have never had so much female attention. And people who've borrowed it have had the same pleasant experience. So I thought to my self: Why deprive the world of this wonderful item. It should be shared. I decided to make everybody I meet wear it, and then take pictures for posterity. Here's a sample of my little project. More to come...

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